Hammersmith Cookware-
Brooklyn’s Original Hand Crafted Copper Cookware

The Story

In 1984, I was on a plane from Chicago to New York and I came across an article about the Cook’s Medal of Honor, copper cookware. The article referenced a coppersmith in Brooklyn NY named B Waldow who had been making copper cookware in Brooklyn since 1936. Intrigued, I paid a visit to the Waldow factory when I returned to NY. The factory was located on Adams Street Brooklyn in a 3 story building under the Manhattan Bridge. As I walked in, I was mesmerized by the radiance of copper cookware everywhere in various shapes and sizes. It was compelling. Mr. Waldow explained the benefits of cooking with copper, the uniform distribution of heat, the organic natural elements in copper such as tin and brass. When our meeting was over, I knew this is what I wanted to do, create a product that’s not only functional, but beautiful. In September of 1986, I purchased the B. Waldow factory. In 2017, we moved our factory to NJ where all aspects of production are done under one roof giving us complete control over the quality of each product. OUR PHILOSOPHY Hammersmith has been making copper cookware since 1987. Handcrafted in America above all standards, our craft is focused on one thing…to provide you with the most luxurious and most enjoyable cooking experience available today. Passionate chefs and serious home cooks have learned over time that the success or failure of your meal is directly dependent on the quality of cookware.  We continue to create a hand-made product crafted in our New Jersey factory. Copper SaucepansCopper Fry Pans