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cooking copper sauce pan



Copper has been used for cooking since ancient times because of its many benefits over other materials like stainless steel or cast iron. Our pans heat quickly and evenly for faster cooking without burning. And unlike non-stick pans that scratch easily and lose their coatings, our copper cookware will last forever if properly cared for. It’s an organic metal and environmentally safe. Hammersmith uses only the finest copper and lines each pan with pure block tin, an organic material. So let us renew your old pans too and re-tin them right here in our factory.

Hammersmith Brooklyn’s Original handcrafted copper cookware is 99% pure and has been an essential part of cooking for centuries. Copper conducts heat evenly and quickly so you can get a perfect sear on meat or fish without burning it, while the non-reactive surface means that acidic foods like tomatoes won’t affect its color or flavor. In addition, copper will not chip, warp or pit which can cause hot spots like you find in other types of cookware.

Our handles are solid manganese bronze for strength and comfortable to hold, giving you excellent balance while holding the pan. Our handles are resistant to salts and other corrosives found in the kitchen. Handles are attached to our pans with solid ¼ and 5/16 inch solid copper rivets.

Our handcrafted, artisanal copper cookware is the perfect addition to your kitchen and will become a staple in your home not only for the conduction of heat, but will also bring elegance and beauty to your kitchen.

Hammersmith has all the sizes you need from copper saucepanscopper fry panscopper saute pans, to large stock pots. From sauces to stews, Hammersmith Copper guarantees an exceptional cooking experience. Not only will you enjoy the experience, but your food will taste great.

Copper cookware looks great at any age and is considered fine art for your kitchen. Our pans look wonderful on top of the stove, so display it proudly once you’re done cooking. These beautiful pans will enhance any kitchen.

So let Hammersmith bring our elegant copper cookware to your kitchen and have you experience cooking like never before.

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