Copper Saute Pans


Choose from 3QT or 5QT copper sautepans

Copper thickness:  3 mm
3″ tall sides
Tin-lined by hand
–Silver-lined available
Manganese bronze handles
5/16” hand-set copper rivets
Hand-crafted in America
Covers Available (not included)

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 3 QT, 5 QT


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Saute is a method of cooking that uses small amounts of oil or fat in a shallow pan over relatively high heat. The 3 inch tall sides of the pan allow for bulk foods such as chicken, pork, beef and vegetables.  Copper saute pans are suitable on top of the stove, in the oven or broiler and them served directly onto the  table.  Saute pans are excellent for browning or searing roasts that require even heating. It is important to make sure to have a sufficient amount of liquid in your saute pan prior to heating and if possible, have your food at room temperature before you begin cooking. A test to see if your pan is hot enough is to flick a droplet of water across the pan to see if your pan is hot enough. 

Never pre-heat saute pan without oil, fat or other liquids.

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