Sauces Rule! Sauces can give life to otherwise lifeless dishes. Family cooks and accomplished chefs from around the globe have been using variations of sauce recipes since 25 BC. From Rome to China to India, sauces have made their way up the food chain (quite literally) to take their rightful place atop recipes otherwise incomplete.

Chefs in France, where sauces have evolved into an art form, understand the delicacy involved in preparing these memory makers. For them, Copper Cookware is a must-have!



It’s all about control. Copper Cookware warms rapidly and cools down quickly. This unique heat distribution feature allows food preparers maximum control over the temperature used to cook, an important factor for creating sauce perfection. Here at
Hammersmith, we’ve gone the extra mile to enhance the entire culinary experience.

Great Cookware = Great Meals = Great Memories

Heat, and the proper use of it, is the magic in the sauce as they say. Pure tin is inert, meaning it does not interact with food the way many metals do, including those found in pots and pans sitting on store shelves. Pure tin is also an excellent heat conductor. By incorporating tin into our Copper Cookware, Hammersmith provides the ultimate cookware choice for functional and taste-driven cooking, especially sauces!


Now that you are aware of WHICH cookware to use for your magical sauce, let’s talk for a moment about WHAT to put in it to help create your magical memory.

Here are the five basic sauces that can be prepared to perfection in Copper Cookware:

1) Bechamel Sauce – A white sauce based on milk thickening with a white Roux
2) Espagnole Sauce – A brown sauce based on a brown stock reduction and thickened Brown Roux ingredients. Typically includes roasted bones, bacon, fresh tomato puree
3) Tomato Sauce – Typically includes onion, carrots, garlic butter, flour, plus pork belly with a veal broth.
4) Velouté Sauce – A clear sauce made by reducing clear stock also made from un-roasted bones. Thicken with white Roux. French for velvety.
5) Hollandaise Sauce – Melted butter, lemon juice or vinegar.

And that’s just the beginning! There are over 50 recognized versions of sauces but the possibilities are endless. Once you have the basics mastered, just grab your Copper Saucepan and add your own unique flourish. That’s part of the joy of cooking!

Cooking in Copper Elegant and Practical

Food costs have risen along with many of our daily necessities. Tasty meal-enhancing sauce is a perfect accent for any meal budget. Preparing sauce in Copper Cookware is easy, energy-efficient, and fun! Watching your culinary creation come to life is
guaranteed to add a Touch of Special to any dinnertime memory.

Managing temperature control is one of the not-so-hidden secrets of successful cooking, especially when it comes to sauces. Let Copper Cookware do the work for you.

Reinvigorate your culinary atmosphere – and tastebuds – with healthy, food-enhancing cookware from Hammersmith. Beautiful Cookware for your body, mind, and budget.

Start Cooking Today!

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Sauces Rule! Sauces can give life to otherwise lifeless dishes. Family cooks and accomplished chefs from around the globe have been using variations of sauce

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