Copper Braiser Pans


Choose from 3QT, 5QT and 6QT copper braiser pans

3′′ tall sides
Tin-lined by hand
–Silver-lined available
Manganese bronze handles
5/16” hand-set copper rivets
Hand-crafted in America
Covers Available (not included)

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3QT, 5QT, 6QT

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What is Braising?
Braising is a cooking technique that first involves browning food and then reduced to a simmer in a small amount of liquid. Copper braiser pans are heavier with lids and side handles. Braisers are great for cooking soups, stews, chili, rice and pasta. If you’re looking for a great pan to make your favorite dishes in, this copper one is perfect. The material makes it heat up faster than other materials and also comes with its own lid! The braiser has all the qualities needed for successful cooking. It’s tall like our copper sauté pan but shorter than stockpot, with wide bottom and generous slides to accommodate large quantities at once – perfect when browning meats or vegetables on top as well! The wide shape also helps gentle heat distribute evenly through your food while it cooks; this allow you not only make gloriously crisp exterior edges (perfect after being seared in an oven-heated copper frying pan).

Weight 6 lbs

3 QT Copper Braiser Pan, 5 QT Copper Braiser Pan, 6 QT Copper Braiser Pan

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