How To Take Care of Copper Cookware

Copper pans and bowls are the traditional utensils of the professional chef. However, they require particular care. We recommend a few guidelines to keep your copper in good condition.

Tin is a pure element, nontoxic, and is an excellent heat conductor. Tin will darken with use which is normal and does not hamper the pan’s cooking performance.

Tin-lined copper cookware pans can be used with all regulated heat sources and foods. The pans can be used on top of the stove, on an electric range and in the oven. Do not use the pans at temperatures of more than 400 degrees F or the tin lining on the inside will soften and bubble. Low temperatures are effective for cooking and are always recommended and it saves energy.

Our solid copper is an excellent conductor of heat thus there is NO reason to Preheat or season a copper cookware pan.  Copper saute pans and copper saucepans are typically the workhorse of the kitchen, so always add a little amount of oil or butter to the pan BEFORE turning on the heat.

This ‘’cooking medium’’ will prevent and insulates the pan from direct heat and melting the tin.

Copper heats up fast and cools down slowly, so always pay attention to your cooking. It is the high heat that dries out foods and causes sticking so lower your heat!

Always use a potholder when picking up the hot pan and never put an empty pan on a hot burner.

Use wooden or nonmetallic cooking utensils to avoid scratching of the lining of the pan avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners or scouring pads to clean the interior, of the pan, just simply wash the pan with soap and water, dry then put away. Should food become stuck to the pan after cooking simply add water and let’s soak over medium heat for a few minutes, let cool, and then sponge off the remaining food.

Your pans can maintain their shiny appearance with any commercial copper cleaner, copper polish, or simply the old-fashioned way of lemon and salt. However, it is our opinion then bright objects reflect and dark objects retain heat so welcome the darkening patina of the aging copper cookware over time.

Your new copper is an heirloom quality cookware and with proper care, it will provide years of satisfaction.

The authentic ‘’cook’s medal of honor’’