How’s your cookware looking? Do you smile when reaching for a pan or close your eyes wishing they would all magically reappear as shiny, proud-to-cook-in Copper Cookware…the kind you’ve always dreamed about?

Don’t stress. Cookware ages too. But when the newness fades and toxic chips become part of the recipe, it’s time to replace your pans with the healthy durable quality only Copper Cookware can provide.

At its best, a well prepared meal being shared with family, friends, or a significant other transcends the eating experience. It is the result of sensory stimulation starting in the eyes and culminating in your taste buds before providing the healthy, soul-satisfying nutrition your body needs. Copper Cookware enhances lives and excites our senses.

– For a dinner date I eat light all day to save room, then I go all in: I choose this meal and I choose you, the person across from me, to share it with. There’s a beautiful intimacy in a meal like that. – Anthony Bourdain

Copper Cookware Elevates the Cooking Experience

Culinary art starts in the kitchen where preparation ignites the process. Gorgeous, gleaming Copper Cookware filled with tasty goodness simmers on the stove, while rich flavors blend and come together to create an aromatic memory-inducing dining
experience… Hammersmith Copper Cookware at its best.

Constructed from solid copper almost 1/8” thick, Hammersmith Copper evolves through many forms and structural enhancements throughout the manufacturing process. Manganese bronze handles are added for eye-catching beauty and strength, secured by solid 5/16” copper rivets. Good looks and muscles too!

The final stage of the manufacturing process is completed by hand. Solid food-grade tin is applied by hand, providing a slippery surface for your food to rest upon during cooking. Tin is inserted, which simply means it does not react with food. Because of the oil added prior to low-temperature heating, food moves freely about the pan due to the superior heat conductivity of copper .

And by the way, using less heat cooking will lower your energy bill every month!

Unhealthy Eating Bad – Copper Cookware Good

In today’s fast-moving world, we sometimes forget what’s truly important. It’s easy to put things on the back burner (figuratively and literally) when feeding yourself or your family. Unfortunately, unhealthy eating habits form the foundation
for chronic disease and worse.

While it may not seem so at the time, using rusted, scarred, or otherwise
deformed cookware can have a cumulative effect on our bodies. It builds up over
time to create a toxic environment inside your system, as well as in your daily living.

You can change all that starting today!

Let the true metal of honor – Copper – enhance your kitchen while it helps to keep your body free of disease-causing toxicity. Feeding yourself is not just about what you eat, it’s about how you prepare what you eat.

Do the smart thing for your health and your home. Hammersmith Copper Cookware puts a sparkle in your dinner experience, wellness in your being, and a smile on your face. It is a culinary luxury that impacts us visually and with maximum functionality.

Copper Cookware – Renewable, Energy Efficient, Durable for Generations, and Cost-Effective. The time has come to celebrate yourself as you celebrate life.

We Can Show You How!

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