Because Copper Cooks Best! The past several years have seen the kitchen – and the food we cook in it – take center stage in the home. The preparation of an aromatic and healthy meal brings family and friends together like nothing else. It is the kind of soul enriching memory that can last a lifetime…the kind of culinary memory created by energy-efficient, evenly heated, lustrous copper cookware.





Everybody loves tasty food and the creation of healthy tasty food is no accident. Classic and new recipes are brought to life throughout our lives by quality cookware… the kind of cookware that turns an ordinary meal into a Great Meal – the kind of cookware that sears a memory into our mind and body – Copper Cookware!

What Makes Copper Cookware So Good?

Functionality, Durability, Energy Efficiency, and of course, Elegance, are some of the primary reasons so many amateur and professional chefs create their culinary dreams in Copper Cookware. They understand how an evenly heated cooking surface pampers food, rather than scorching it in cookware comprised of toxic, memory killing materials.

French-born chef Ludo Lefebvre, owner of Trois Mac, Petit Trois, and Trois Familia in Los Angeles, is a lifelong fan of Copper Cookware. “I asked for copper pots as a Christmas present when I was 10-years-old,” he states. “It was what I grew up cooking on with my grandmother and mother, and what chefs used in France.”

Non-Copper Cookware cannot only ruin your meal, it can have an adverse effect on your health. Teflon, otherwise known as Polytetrafluoroethlene (PTFE), is a synthetic material which acts as an insulator for aluminum pans. Teflon is a poor conductor of heat, making cooking on it not only potentially toxic, but difficult to use when culinary care is required.

Stainless Steel is another not-so-healthy way to create forgettable mealtime memories. It is also a poor conductor of heat composed of dirty metals (alloys) – chromium and nickel, often used to clad the inside of a copper pan. Bad heat, bad materials, bad idea.

Copper Cookware Makes Meals Tasty and Healthy!

Copper Cookware is lined with either tin or silver because unlined copper can react with the acids in food. The candy and confection industry, however, is known to use unlined pans for melting chocolates and other foods containing a high sugar content.

At Hammersmith, we use pure tin which is inert and does not interact with foods. It is an excellent conductor of heat when married to copper.




And the tin we use is renewable. Send your aged copper pan to us and we’ll reline it so you can enjoy it for another 15 to 20 years. You deserve it!

So for all you home chefs out there, find out what the pros already know…Copper Cooks Best! Take a good look at the cookware hiding in your cupboard. Do you like what you see? Are you proud to pull it out when friends or family come for dinner? Is it renewable?

Start creating lifelong memories today in your kitchen and around your table. Let Hammersmith show you how!

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