Flavor is a byproduct of cooking, and the way we cook. Copper cookware enhances the cooking process as it releases the flavor factor of the food being cooked. To shortchange the taste potential of any meal worth preparing is close to culinary criminality. As any food enthusiast or professional chef will tell you, flavor should be freed, not trapped!

One of the most important considerations for flavor freedom can be discovered within the copper cookware created by Hammersmith Copper . The elemental properties of copper make it the first choice in cookware for anyone who believes life is about enjoying the good and tastier experiences around us, particularly when it involves tasty, flavorful food.

Low and slow is key to cooking masterful meal memories every time you feel motivated to create one. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat , which is why it has been used throughout history for a wide array of functional and decorative items. At Hammersmith Copper, tin is used to line cookware, providing for an optimum level of heat efficiency.

“Copper pots are the most satisfactory of all to cook in, as they hold and spread the heat
well,” Julia Child – Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Handmade Copper and Tin-Lined Cookware A Flavorful Combo

Cooking is all about bringing out the best in the food we eat. The finest flavors in the world evaporate if prepared in cookware unsuitable for proper flavor enhancement. If cooking is indeed an art, the kitchenware used to create a masterpiece is vital. Handmade Tin-lined Copper cookware is a culinary artist’s most valued and cherished creative tool.

Professional kitchens the world over will only create classic recipes in copper. Culinary classes utilizing copper cookware can generally be found in any medium to large-size city where good food is appreciated and celebrated. For food enthusiasts and those who consider meal preparation therapy, cooking in tin-lined copper releases flavor, and spirit.

Silvestro Silvestori, owner, founder, and director of the Awaiting Table Cookery School in Lecce, Italy – and by the way, a nationally certified sommelier in Italy – has a spiritual connection to copper cookware, “I can remember each individual pot, pan, and roasting tray that has come into my life…the lion’s share of our pots and pans are lined with tin.”

Once, when world-renowned food photographer Quentin Bacon was preparing to shoot Silvestori’s copper cookware collection, he suddenly stopped, frowned, and sighed.

Copper’s Classic Beauty Ages as Gracefully as It Cooks

“Don’t ever do that…again,” he emphatically stated. Bacon was hoping to capture the essence of the Tin-Lined Copper Cookware as it had aged over time. Prior to Quentin’s arrival, Silvestro had asked his staff to polish the pans in readiness of his arrival. To his surprise, Bacon was expecting to see the tarnished, cinnamon color of well-used copper.

That was when Silvestori realized people form a connection – a bond – with copper cookware. It becomes a part of their daily lives as no other inanimate object in a home can…the memories it helps create, the healthy nourishment it provides, the beauty it radiates. Copper Cookware enhances the quality of our lives with ageless style and class.

The Copper Craftsman

The foundation of Hammersmith Cookware can be traced back to its roots in Brooklyn, NY, 1936. Like its products, the company was forged from passion and created for generations to enjoy. Today, Tin-lined Copper is the professional and home chef standard for creating healthy, safe, flavorful meals throughout the world.

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